post1Hawk Movers LLC is a strong believer in family. We are proud to share a little, with you about ours.

Hello, my name is Clay Kercheval. Hawk Moving has been moving the DFW area since 1989. I started out as a mover, and saw the potential of owning this business. So, let me tell you I have a wide perspective on what a move is. Not only did I work as a mover for 5 years, my family and I have moved many times in the last few years. As our family grew, so did I need for more space! Everyone thinks just because I own a moving company that my personal move is so easy. Trust me, my crews have moved me smoothly….but that’s just one part of the move. Just ask my wife, Jamie, how much she loves to move! I understand the work, stress, and time out of your life a move requires. But, a move is needed to make that new change. Hawk Moving wants to help you make your new move as stress free as possible, so you can concentrate on all the next steps you need to make for all your changes.

post2I mentioned my wife Jamie earlier. She is the one who handles all the hard stuff about the move. Like deciding where everything should go, organizing the kitchen, and the decorating. I try to stay out of the way of that! I just handle the actual move, (I am a professional after all!) and she makes our new house a home. Jamie and I have three sons, a 10 year old, a 5 year old, and a 4 year old. We are currently working on becoming adoptive parents as well. I hope to update my website soon with the news of some new kiddos to our crew. Jamie works as an elementary school ESL teacher in Fort Worth ISD. When she’s not grading papers, or running the boys around, she likes to help me come up with ideas on how to motivate my workers, improve customer satisfaction, and ideas for advertising. We truly are a family business! Now….just can’t wait for those boys to grow up….future crews!

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Clients Testimonials

"I would like to commend the two gentlemen, Mark and Josh who moved my family on June 30, 2007. These guys called 15 – 20 minutes prior to the agreed start time and were on time. This was the beginning of professionalism we saw throughout the whole time of moving our household things."


Have your move your way! Hawk Moving has two ways to charge for moving services. One way is to do an itemized move. An itemized move is when you provide a list of your inventory and the price is determined from the items that will need to be moved.

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Customer Service

Want to know a secret? Most of our moves are repeat clients, or referrals from previous clients. That’s because we take pride in our work. We know that our Dallas movers are the face of Hawk Moving. That is why we only hire professional, skilled, and courteous movers to send to your home.

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Unlike other Dallas moving companies, Hawk Moving offers one-stop shopping if you are looking for storage and moving. Our movers can provide you with affordable storage. We will safely pack all your belongings in a vault, which we will unpack and deliver to your door whenever you’re ready.

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